When the night matures

Silence suffice the dark

Yowl; grow loud and loud

Embracing a dire urge

Of uncharted man-ness


When the night matures

Those who lurked in shadows

Now march; on and on

Braving their lecherous leer

Seems unearthly unshackled


When the night matures

They bask in hunting

for beauteous red flesh

for expelling the urge of loins

and feast in a drug ring.


When the night matures

Its darkest before dawn

They succumb to vertigo

Leaving behind them

A trail of unabashed sins …




This visual piece shall undoubtedly be considered as one of the best historical narrative ever seen in a motion picture. This song belongs to the movie “Jodha Akbar” which portrays the legendary love story of a Rajputani Princess and the greatest and the most revered Muslim Emperor. Emperor Akbar belonged to the Mughal dynasty and is considered to be one of the most secular Indian ruler of all times. In this video, artists belonging to different tribes are thanking Emperor Akbar by performing their ancestral arts for his majesty’s wise decision of removing “jizya”, a pilgrimage tax paid by non-Muslims and especially Hindus.

After this decision, not only the subjects of the Emperor but also his wife ordained and revered him as the greatest Emperor of the entire diverse population.

Song – Azeem-o-Shaan Shehenshah
Movie – Jodha Akbar (2008)
Artists – Various Artists and Hritik Roshan as Emperor Akbar





All hail the Great Tsar

A sound that dawned upon us

A voice that never resonated within

Within all; flaking souls of Masurian


The lake which once flowed

Dancing away the merry summer

Lay still, as if the lightening charred its conscience

Or maybe the lightening Germans


We were walking a fogged battlefield

Breasted by a furred armour

Living the fate which was never ours

Heading to destiny that lured the devil


We are cold blooded; they said

But never saw it frozen on the soil

The herd of shame marched over our bodies

Crunching dried leaves of our pride


Our home alienated us

Asked for our blood to feed its monsters

And we moved on and on; so foolishly,

Sacrificing our love and pride to their feet


A cruel mistress from the west

Slaying, so elegantly, with our hearts on her sword

For all we could do; stand and stare

As she barraged our sprouting hope


Once the white warriors of Tsar

Now the bards of Masurian

Dragging our own corpses to Earth

Leaving behind the songs of betrayed trust


The souls who are denied the death

Are pierced by the past memories

Still breathing, though, with an unsung saga

Of how the mighty baits the meek.












On the verge of burning truth

I defied what’s ahead, staring

A sprouting life within me

Will see heaven when it comes alive


What shall I embrace, my soul?

A life that lures me to darkness

Or a pact with Earth

That frees me to serve my Lord


The crown of Rome shivers

As I lay with the beasts; smiling

For them; a sweet revenge

For me; a joyous ceremonial


My stars led me here

To this battleground; all naked

A million eyes upon my appalling grief

They couldn’t harm though;

That life within …


More the pieces they tear and devour

Better the sacrifice they imbue

To the whims and fancies of this hardened heart

That shall be softened in skies


For the legacy I left behind

A path to eternal truth

Shall be sung and celebrated

As the victories of right over wrong

Are never mourned .




UNTAMED – Cleopatra’s Last Memoir Before Falling For Caesar (Fictional)






Unconquered lust of yours; Oh emperor

Lies within me; still beating

The silence shrilled as our eyes met

And the world bleeds behind


My joy lies on a bayonet

The truth of faith kissed and passed away

Shall I; go beyond the depth of sorrow

Or remain untamed


Your love pierced me;

The god has weakened a mighty saviour

All along I walked tall; bestowed justice

Now I crumble in your arms


Oh Holy Nile; take me along with you

Let me flow with the destiny

My prowess will never be forsaken

This sand will narrate my sacrifice


I stand here; all affirmed

With deathbeds on either sides

I still reign; still shine; still revered

Though in someone else’s arms


It’s a poison, I swallowed

World so foolish; thinks I’m still alive

Though Holy Nile knows; to my soul and world

I’m still untamed …

Still untamed…





b                                       BANDITS



In the corners; blowing smoke

Sun spitting light, so miserable, our scars

Jane’s the seductress, late to wait tables

Gods that warm her pockets;

And something more?



Jules, the lover, had her days

Of rosy nights, all wine in the downtown

Now, oversized, she cribs and curse

Carrying his unholy bastard within;

Could she ever forgive?




Josh, all bruised; all smeared

Caught in heat in the night club

Chasing shadows to sell his smack

Crying in dark; a Blondie he banged;

Will she ever be forgotten?



Tanned breasts in Miami heat

Singing blues; brown lips kissing falling ash

Jobs; all to pay rents; ain’t no degree here

Grilling our hopes to live a day more;

Can ever stand again?



Sun shall shine here; on our asses

For they say we’ll strut one day

The walking lot will wait and see

Not to stare; to measure our worth;

Us to die like this?



20 most craziest, cheeziest and “Are you serious??” captions just collected from a chic’s album!!

1. “Those who like me, raise your hands!! n those who don’t like me, RAISE YOUR STANDARDS!!

2. “I am not having a hot flash, I am having my own personal summer.”

3. “Look into her eyes, not at her smile. Lips can lie, but eyes can’t…”

4. “I May Never be Good enough for Someone.. But I will be the Best for them who Deserve Me”

5. (personal favorite) “| I thought of killing the smartest person in the world… But then I remembered. Suicide is a crime.” 

6. “Did you know every good girl has a bad girl side? It just takes that special guy to bring it out!!!”

7. “Real beauty in Indian attire”

8. “I’m dangerous in all the right ways”

9. “I don’t take good pictures ’cause I have the kind of beauty that moves.”

10.”Some girls happen to be pretty, some girls happen to be smart, I just happen to be both!!! .”

11.”Prettier than some. Uglier than most. Take me as i am. Or watch me as i go.”

12. “I love your eyes but i love mine more. cuz without my eyes I couldn’t see yours. “

13.” What do I do when I see some thing extremely gorgeous ? I smile and wave then I put the mirror down!;)”

14. “Someone said to me ‘You’re too pretty to be single.’ I said no, I’m to pretty to be lied to, cheated on, and played with…”

15. “It would be the perfect crime….
If i stole your heart
and you stole mine.”

16. “Keep Calm And Love Me”

17. “Im fairly certain that , given a cape and a nice tiara .. 
I could sexify the world”

18. “Always act like you’re wearing an invisible crown, I do.”

19. “We r hot… We r wanted….”

20. “ntng is best then me……. my eyes says everything.”

Had great time reading all this… Which one is ur favorite ?




I don’t know when she came into my life. Perhaps, she was there even before I was born. I never really cared about her whereabouts; her belongings. The place she came from, the clothes she wore, never seemed to amuse me. All I wanted, though, was the presence of her warmth every time I cuddled with my quilt; refusing to stand on my feet in winter mornings.

Sheila, as mom called her, always ran after me. She bathed me, dressed me, prepared my breakfast, combed my curls, and accompanied me to the school bus. If that was not all, she was always there with that big smile on her face and her widened subtle eyes when I came back from school. She gave me things beyond what she was asked to. She not only nurtured a young girl but also enlightened her with the knowledge she needed to face this peculiar world of dreams.


Today, I lay alone in one of the lighted suburbs of Seattle; abreast with memories. All that runs through this mind are the days when Sheila Kaaki (Aunt) beamed me up; the words that lifted sorrow from my soul. Amidst the city hall lanes of this big city I always look for that old and colossal Banyan tree under which you oiled my hair and narrated those fascinating stories of a girl who went to conquer the sun. Guess what? I still believe in them; preaching everyone the prowess of true love.


Its hard in here, Kaaki, it’s hard to get through. I don’t know but my soul still looks for the warmth of your lap to rest my head; to cry in a slapdash fashion. The world here doesn’t take offhandedness; it looks for perfection. I wish you could be here to say that I’m still the most beautiful girl in the world.

All this makes me think of you. All of the lights blind me; all of the darkness scares me. I wish you could be here to be my wall against the world. All I need right now is the feel of your fingers running through my long hair.  I’m trying to untie the possibilities that shackle me. I want to feel your love.